Solan de Cabras

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Solan de Cabras – 500 ml of premium water. 20 pack.


Since 1790, The Water That Nurtures Life. 

Origin: Solán de Cabras is a water born over 3,600 years ago in Beteta, in the Serranía de Cuenca mountains. It originates in an exuberant natural environment, far from any source of contamination.

Quality: Solán de Cabras is a water with a low mineral content from a single spring, which guarantees that the water always has the same purity and taste.

Design and Innovation: Solán de Cabras gives absolute priority to protecting the water inside its bottles so that it retains all of its natural properties and extraordinary quality.

Corporate Responsibility: Solán de Cabras shows its commitment, year after year, to the fight against cancer and to other social causes.

History: Over 225 years of innovation with wisdom and purpose.

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