San Miguel Selecta Bottles. 24 pack

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Extra Quality beer aged in the cellar

San Miguel Selecta – 330 ml. 6.2 % Extra lager. 24 pack.

Its ageing in cellar confers upon it an exceptional aroma and intense taste. Chosen by consumers as “Taste of the Year” in the 2010 and 2011 editions.

Typology: Extra Lager

Appearance: Brilliant golden-amber colour and dense, firm foam.

Taste: It has an aroma of medium-high intensity in which notes of fresh fruit mixed with mild toasty notes and a light dry fragrance stand out. When drinking, the grain aromas intensify and a floral touch emerges. Pronounced bitterness on the palate, with a sensation of fullness and balanced body. It is a beer with a soft finish on the palate, slightly dry and with hints of malt.

Raw materials. Hops: Bouquet of three Central European hop varieties, which provide the pronounced bitterness and give it a floral touch.

Yeast. The yeast is responsible for the light aromas of fresh fruit. Malt. Combination of malts with three different roasting levels that provide aroma, flavour and fragrance, as well a characteristic golden-amber colour.

Did you know that...? Selecta XV returns, a mythical beer of the utmost quality and careful production that is reinvented with an improved formula and a more modern image, respecting the essence of the original Selecta XV. Rescued by San Miguel’s master brewers to enjoy a classic.

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