San Miguel Radler Cans. 24 pack

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The shandy for beer lovers, with natural lemon juice

San Miguel Radler – 330 ml. 3.2 % lager. 24 pack.

San Miguel Radler is the result of Cervezas San Miguel’s explorations throughout Mediterranean locations that grow the best lemons.

Typology: Lager

Appearance: Pale yellow colour, with a slight natural cloudiness and light foam.

Taste: Its aroma has an intense citrus profile of lemon, with mild grain overtones, offering a fresh and very pleasant fragrance. Slightly bitter on the palate, with well-balanced acidity and sweetness. The texture of the body is light, reinforcing the refreshing sensation.

Raw materials. Combination of 60% San Miguel Especial, noted for the bouquet of hops of different origins and the use of Pilsen and roasted malts. 2.7% natural lemon juice.


Did you know that...? The popularity of this type of beer dates back to the 1920s in Bavaria, where it was enjoyed as a refreshing beverage after cycling. In time, it has become one of the most demanded varieties thanks to its citrus and alternative flavour.

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