San Miguel Manila Bottles. 24 pack. IPA

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San Miguel’s new beer experience

San Miguel Manila – 330 ml. 5.8 % lager. 24 pack.

Manila is a beer inspired by the most intensely hoppy beer creations, conceived to maintain their flavours intact throughout the long journeys in the open sea.

Typology: Lager

Appearance: Deep golden colour, with a brilliant appearance and dense, firm foam.

Taste: Intense hoppy character with a wide variety of nuances, particularly herbal, floral and resinous, with touches of tropical fruit. In the background, caramel and toasty flavours from the malt can be noted. When drinking, the hoppy notes become stronger and certain notes of alcoholic fragrance emerge. Intense bitterness on the palate, with a balanced body. The aftertaste is light and dry.

Raw materials. Hops: Careful selection of aromatic hops of American origin which provide herbal, floral and resinous aromas, with touches of tropical fruit. The balanced and slightly persistent bitterness is mainly achieved through expert use of bitter hops of European origin.

Yeast. The lager-type yeast is responsible for some of the fruity aromas. Malts and others. Use of Pilsen malt and a certain proportion of caramelised malts, with medium roasting. This will provide colour, body and toasty, caramel aromas. The use of oats adds body and provides a special softness on the palate.

Did you know that...? With this beer, San Miguel wishes to celebrate the great journeys that its brand has undergone since its origin, to delve into a specific moment in its history. These travels began in Manila, the city that witnessed the rebirth of San Miguel in 1890 and which provided the rand with one of the great truths that defines it: the exploring nature that pushed it to venture outside its border.

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