Mahou Maestra Bottles. 24 pack

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By Master Brewers for Master Beer-drinkers

Mahou Maestra – 330 ml. 7,5 % Extra lager. 24 pack.

Over 125 years of experience and know-how inspired Mahou’s Master Brewers to create this toasted beer, with double hop, a full body and an intense flavour.

Typology: Extra Lager

Appearance: Deep amber colour, with a brilliant appearance and dense, firm foam.

Taste: An intense alcoholic fragrance, with a perception of citric and hop flower notes, intensified when drinking. In the nose we find the fruity and toasty and caramel aromas from the malt. Intense body on the palate, full and with a certain dryness. Moderately intense bitterness, resulting in a well-balanced beer on the palate with a faint sweetness.

Raw materials. Hops: Bitter hops deliver a soft and faint bitterness, characteristic of the Mahou range. A careful selection of aromatic hops that lend citric and floral aromas.

Yeast. The yeast is responsible for the fruity aromas. Malt. Use of heavier-toasted malt: intense in colour (amber), with toasty and caramelised notes.

Did you know that...? A liquid that fulfils the most discerning beer palates of our consumers, those who search for detail, excellence, nuances of the brewing moment. Thus, Maestra is Mahou’s proposal for those moments in which we appreciate an intense, strong beer, full of personality and richness.

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