Mahou 5 Estrellas Bottles. 24 pack

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The quintessential beer flavour

Mahou 5 Star – 330 ml. 5.5 % premium lager. 24 pack.

Born to satisfy the most discerning palates, Mahou Cinco Estrellas is prepared with the best malt and hops varieties, as well as its characteristic yeast, that provide its characteristic body and flavour.

Typology: Premium Lager

Appearance: Glossy appearance, golden colour and a creamy and textured foam.

Taste: The aroma is slightly fruity and fresh, with a hint of banana and apple, with a certain dry fragrance and a touch of yeast. It also exudes floral notes of hop while drinking. Strong and consistent on the palate, very well-balanced with a moderate bitterness and slight acidity.

Raw materials. Hops: A combination of European bitter and semi- aromatic hops that lend the elegant bitterness and delicate herbal and floral aromas so characteristic of Mahou.

Yeast. The fruity aromas, reminiscent of banana and apple, are due to the type of yeast. Malt Careful selection of barley varieties and control of the malting process. Using Pilsen malt, faintly roasted, that lend its colour and cereal aromas. Increased proportion of malt and cereal as compared to Mahou Clásica, providing a greater extract and alcohol content, as well as body.

Water. As that in Madrid, with a level of mineral salts optimised to extract and enhance the aromas and flavours of all the ingredients.

Did you know that...? Born in 1969 to satisfy the most discernible beer palates, for those who like to enjoy a beer with personality.

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