San Miguel Fresca Bottles. 24 pack

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San Miguel’s most refreshing beer

San Miguel Fresca – 330 ml. 4.4 % lager. 24 pack.

Its unmistakable flavour, its intense aroma and the details of its embossed bottle awaken the five senses and pay homage to the work of everyone involved in founding Cervezas Alhambra back in 1925.

Typology: Lager

Appearance: Pale golden colour, brilliant appearance and firm foam.

Taste: Its peculiar aroma resembles toffee, in harmony with a very light, but balanced, mixture of grain, hoppy and fruity notes. When drinking, it is mild with low bitterness, a delicate texture and very refreshing sensations on the palate.

Raw materials. Hops: Hops grown in Spain are used to provide the refined bitterness and mild notes that emerge in the aroma.

Yeast. Responsible for the faint fruity aroma. Malt and others. Pilsen malt from selected barleys. Due to the low roasting level, they are responsible for the light golden colour whilst adding touches of grain. Some corn is used which, in the proportions used, makes the body lighter and the beer fresher and more drinkable.

Did you know that...? San Miguel is one of Spain’s most traditional beer brands, and one of the ones with the most international penetration. San Miguel Fresca has come as an addition to its varieties, to cover a gap. Specially created for those who crave a more soft and refreshing beer. San Miguel Fresca represents the value of the Spanish lifestyle, such as social encounters and enjoying friends.

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