San Miguel Gluten Free Bottles. 24 pack

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The authentic taste of San Miguel, now gluten-free

San Miguel Gluten-Free – 330 ml. 5.4 % lager. 24 pack.

The beer with all of San Miguel’s original flavour, now for Gluten intolerant people. San Miguel established itself as a brand concerned with the needs of its consumers, which is why it launched San Miguel Gluten Free for the whole world to enjoy.


Appearance:Light golden colour, with a brilliant appearance and dense, firm foam.

Taste: In the nose delicate aromas of white fruits, banana and apple are noted, with a slight touch of white bread and floral undertones. On the palate it provides body, balanced by moderate bitterness and dry undertones. The finish is balanced, with a hint of the initial grainy and hoppy notes.

Raw materials. Hops: Bouquet of hops that provide floral undertones and moderate bitterness. The hops used are varieties that originate in the Hallertau region of Bavaria (Southern Germany) and the state of Oregon in the U.S.

Yeast. Responsible for the fruity aromas: white fruits, bananas and green apples. Malt Combination of Pilsen and roasted malts from selected barleys. They are responsible for the light golden colour while also adding a grainy touch and notes of white bread. Water. Level of mineral salts optimised to extract and enhance the aromas and flavours of all the ingredients. 

Did you know that...? It is estimated that there are over 450,000 gluten-intolerant people in Spain alone. In order to satisfy such a wide public, San Miguel has launched San Miguel Gluten Free, its first beer apt for this collective, and which is now available in supermarkets and hypermarkets across Spain.

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