Alhambra Roja Bottles. 24 pack

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A beer to be enjoyed at leisure

Alhambra Roja – 330 ml. 7.2 % premium lager. 24 pack.

Rich in nuances and flavours that are meant to be enjoyed at length. Such as the nooks of the Alhambra in Granada, this Beer is not as it seems. Hidden under its intensity is a subtlety and delicateness on the palate, full of unexpected details to be discovered.

Typology: Superior Red Beer

Appearance: Copper colour, bright aspect and a dense foam with burnt umber highlights.

Taste: Complex aroma with distinguishable notes of toasted cereal alongside intense, fruity notes, all accompanied by an elegant alcohol fragrance. New caramel and grain flavours appear when drinking and fruity flavours are intensified. Accentuated bitter, yet smooth and balanced taste on the palate, with slight acidity. The full-bodied texture leaves behind a pleasant, bitter after-taste.

Raw materials. Hops: Use of bitter hops to lend an accentuated bitterness, all the while smooth and balanced.

Yeast. The yeast is responsible for the intense fruity aromas. Malt Use of malts with a higher degree of roasting: Responsible for the copper colour and the complexity of aromas of toasted cereal and caramel.

Did you know that...? Alhambra Reserva Cerveza Roja is intense, to be enjoyed slowly. Its secret? The use of a larger quantity of malted barley with various degrees of roasting. Inspired by recipes of Traditional Bock, born in 1378, it is ideal for an incursion into the world of pairing.

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